Powdered Extracts (Fruits & Herbs)

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  Powdered Extracts (Fruits & Herbs)  

All our powdered extracts (P.E.) are obtained by Spray Dried process. Our Powdered Extracts offer longer shelf life, is easier to handle. Spray dried powders are very stable and need no special storage conditions - a cool dry place away from heat, sunlight and moisture is sufficient.

We are able to offer you a superior product by controlling wherever possible, the various steps in the supply chain, from growing to processing. We guide our suppliers to produce ingredients to our exacting specifications and tailor it to your requirements.

Fruit Extracts

Fruit Extracts are processed ingredients that offer a concentrated, easily stored and usable form of fruit. They capture the unique flavour of the fruit along with the sugar, acids and pigments and therefore preserves the nutritional value of fruit.

Spray Dried Fruit Powder are obtained by process where the concentrated fruit pulp, obtained from the fresh fruit is rapidly dried with hot gas. A anti-caking agent is added to ensure the powder does not lump up. The dry fruit powder that is obtained is a free flowing, water soluble powder. Our range include Açaí 5%, Acerola 17% Vitamin C, Camu-Camu 20% Vitamin C, Bitter Orange and other used in phytoterapics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics applications.

Also there are the Juice Powder obtained without concentration, with only the juice of fruit. Sprayed dried powders have a range of applications, some of which include fruit drinks, ice-creams, yoghurt, cake mix and muffin mix. It offers an excellent low cost alternative to using the fresh fruit, which has a limited shelf-life. In cosmetics they offer a natural alternative to using artificial fruit flavours.


Phytochemicals are extracted from plants by Spray Dried process and some pharmaceutics techniques. They are available in a variety of concentrations. In most cases, phyto extracts are combined to provide products which include dietary supplements, phytotherapics, fortified drinks or natural pet remedies. As example, the beta-ecdysterone, extracted from Suma root (Pfaffia paniculata)

Plant Extract

Plant Extract is a natural botanical ingredient, normally water soluble that is commonly produced as an infusion of the herb in a medium (water, alcohol etc.) that can dissolve it. A powder extract is produced by subsequently evaporating the dissolving medium while liquid extract retain the medium. All extracts are concentrated to different degrees and are indicated as a ratio. A ratio 4:1 indicates that 4 parts of the ingredient has been concentrated to produce 1 part of the extract. In most cases these botanical extracts are water soluble. Sometimes, these extracts are used in the manufacture of cosmetics products, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals or in phytotherapics applications as the our Catuaba 4:1.

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