Medicinal Plants


jaborandi folhasJaborandi leaves (Pilocarpus spp)

jatoba cascaJatobá Shredded (Hymenaea courbaril L.)

guarana seedsGuaraná Seeds (Paulinia cupana)

Medicinal & Aromatic Herbs

Medicinal plants play a critical role in the healthcare provision of much of the world's population. Whether they are used to make a decoction in Africa, to extract an alkaloid in Switzerland, as a health food supplement in the USA or to extract a active for cosmetic in France, demand is increasing.

The majority of the worlds population still rely on traditional forms of therapy, as the Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, that use these resources. In economically developed countries the Complementary and Alternative Medicine uses these plants to prevent and cure a wide range of diseases.

Medicinal and aromatic plant raw material is used by a large number of industries. The pharmaceutical companies uses medicinal and aromatic plants for the isolation of single purified drugs, in advanced extracts highly standardized in terms of the active constituents it contains or as starting material for the production of other semi-synthetic pharmacologically active substances. Phytopharmaceutical companies not only use plant extracts but also raw plant material for example to make tinctures, teas or in capsule form.

Brazil is a country with botanic megadiversity, possessing six ecological domains, namely, Amazonian forest, Caatinga, Pampas, Cerrado, Atlantic Forest, and the Pantanal. About 18% all of plant that are know in the world grow in brazilian biomes. And this is one of our greatest treasures that we share with everyone!

Brazilian Forest offer a wide range of roots, leafs, herbs, flowers, fruits and nuts of Medicinal and Aromatic plants, from the six different Brazilian Biomes. We offer our Medicinal and Aromatic plants as raw material in forms: whole, cut for tea, powdered or shredded.

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