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The Jam & Marmalades Cuesta Sabores uses only the finest fruits, organic sugar and spices.

Produced in stainless-steel recipients with the applications of the rigorous control, our products have superior quality and high pulp fruit content.

Our products are produced without addition of colorants, preservatives and flavoring agents, providing complete safety to the consumer.

Convencional & Sugar-Free

  • Creamy Banana
    Creamy Guavas
    Guavas Marmalaid
    Milk Foundant
    Sweet Coconut
    Açai Berry Jam
    Brazilian Grape Tree Jam
    Ginger Jam
    Guavas Jam
    Mango Jam
    Passion Fruit Jam
    Peper Jam
    Red Fruits Jam
    Yellow Fruits Jam



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